Questions Unanswered

The things my mind gets filled with always confuse me. I mean there are layers to it, right? I may be “thinking” about someone or something but in the back of my mind I could be doing some mathematical equation that will solve world hunger or something…right? Who knows what’s actually going on in there since we all blind our brilliance to the surface level issues of the average individual, usually dealing with love and work and all that fun stuff. So as I let people swarm my mind with replaying moments and disappointing realizations, what am I getting at? A long stretch of perpetual loneliness? A winding road of past experiences that change the outlook on minimal aspects of human interactions? You can say we are seizing the days, but does that mean I climb a mountain or make a real discovery within my own mind’s capacity?

Why does love get to taint the extraordinary abilities we all have somewhere in us?

Love and lust are only distractions from the potential of change and creation.

But what I want is to see is why we all live in this surfaced, minimalist life structure. Where normality is surrounding everything and everyone, and the extraordinary is something to be seen as special or mistaken. I must question why the extraordinary can’t be the ordinary, and why we bind ourselves to love and society for security. Security from what? “losing our minds?” Doesn’t all of this not really matter anyway? We let money, love, lust, looks, and whatever the fuck else we made up in this world drive our happiness when really the most amazing things are intangible to the cultural norms we’ve all stapled to ourselves. I’d rather “lose” my mind than let it be clouded with crippling self-judgments that feed the ghost of conformity that limits every being from finding the life in life…


just thinking.