"I’m not young enough to know everything."
Oscar Wilde

From the TED-Ed Lesson How fiction can change reality - Jessica Wise
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If I Had a Hammer…

The Westinghouse, Seven Transistor Radio, 1963.

Just Fucking Thinking.

I find the cell phone crippling. As my eyes are glued to a screen that rarely changes, and is sickening me with that feeling of longing to be included or interact with whomever hasn’t texted me back yet. While I want to really be doing something more fulfilling, I let this piece of metal and glass keep me frozen in my lack of personal development. As I try to box myself into that anxious cycle, I find that when I’m with other people I’m rarely looking at that rectangular contraption in my back pocket. Cell phones keep us from being alone. They keep us from feeling “bored”. But why? Do they hold some cure for our lack of energetic outlet, or the key to the door of endless expression? No. We can’t give this calculated device that satisfaction! Why would we empower something so impersonal with our basic unique nature? Along with the rest of societal standards, norms, rules and guidelines; smart phones are only another mechanism to numb our creative minds from sitting and just fucking thinking. Put it down, folks. Refreshing the page 16 times might only bring you another irrelevant comment that will probably only propel you into the insecurity of missing out, feeling uncreative for not thinking of it first, or uninterested at all, which is just a waste of time all around, no? I suppose we’ve given boredom more power as well. It’s the enemy of our fast paced, connected and constantly updating society. But if we could find pleasure in the silences, breaks, calms, and pauses (pause) of the natural existence we signed up for, I don’t think we would feel so attached to a lifeless gadget that we give the majority of our attention.